Our Mission

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In Permai, we believe that every Permaian must receive a holistic education. We nurture our students not only in physical, cognitive and aesthetic development areas, but also to be lifelong learners and students of exemplary character.

We have customized our programs and events to support holistic learning, and in the process, we hope to build a strong and caring Permaian family. Every Permaian is constantly reminded of the school Core Values of Punctuality, Enterprise, Respect, Magnanimity, Appreciation and Integrity. These and other values are so important that we have made them integral components of our Character Education lessons. On the academic front, we have adopted the Singapore Curriculum at the Primary Level and the IGCSE at the Secondary Level. In Permai, we review the School Curriculum constantly so that our students are well equipped to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.

Our teachers are encouraged to be current in their knowledge and innovative in their teaching approaches. They have great teamwork not only within the teaching faculty, but also with their colleagues, pupils and parents in constant sharing, meeting and feedback sessions.

Every year since 2007, our school has worked closely with Singapore's St. Hildas's Secondary School to train our Primary pupils in teamwork, and our Secondary students in basic leadership skills. We also work in partnership with Singapore's Unity Primary School to provide an immersion opportunity for our Primary 4s and 5s to learn more about education system and culture of Singapore. These events provide a platform not only for our students to develop as individuals, but also to enable them to build friendships with their counterparts in neighboring countries.

We hope to see every Permaian who leaves our school a well-balanced, lifelong learner who is righteous, humble and charitable. It is our sincere wish that every Permaian graduate is an individual well poised to meet the challenges of a Global Environment.

- Mr. William Chandra

Our Mission

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To our IGCSE Students. Class of 2013. 100% Passing Rate with minimum of 6 subjects.

TOP Scorers:

David Choo 6A* 2A
Jordan 5A* 3A
Iwan 4A* 4A
Jessica Antonia 4A* 3A

To our IGCSE Students. Class of 2014. 100% Passing Rate with minimum of 6 subjects.

TOP Scorers:

Chai Yi Ming 9A*
Mavericks L. T 9A*
Evelyn Veronia 7A*
Elber Cuandra 5A* 3A
Anthonie 5A* 2A

THANK YOU to all the teachers for the effort & support.

Our Mission

Quality for Young Minds

In an environment that turns learning into a pleasent experience.

Our Core Values:

Puntuality | Enterprise | Respect | Magnanimity | Appreciation | Integrity

Our Mission:

  • Nurture an enquiring spirit
  • Make learning enjoyable
  • Develop a sense of belongings to school and community
  • Promote tri-lingualism
Our Mission

Events of The Year 2013 - 2014


October, 21st - 24th: Mini Bazaar


December, 12th: Christmas Celebration, Games Day for Primary 6 to Secondary 4, Visit Orphanages/ Old Folks' Home


January, 29th: Chinese New Year Celebration


March, 18th: Games Day for Primary 1 to Primary 5.


June, 4th: Concert Day Pre-School and Prize Giving Day

June, 5th: Concert Day Primary-Sec and Prize Giving Day